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What’s the Process for NASSCO PACP/LACP/MACP Coding?

If you’re reading this, you know it’s time to inspect your pipes. Whether for maintenance or identifying an issue, CCTV inspections are the most accurate way to keep your infrastructure healthy. But you might wonder what the process is for NASSCO PACP/LACP/MACP coding.

The good news: it’s clear and straightforward.

As a CCTV Pipe Inspector, we want the process to be easy so that you can take care of your pipes, manholes, and sewers so they are healthy and efficient.

About CCTV Pipe Inspections

CCTV pipe inspections use the latest camera and video technology to capture defects and blockage in underground infrastructure. It’s one of the most thorough processes to find issues and improve the health of pipes.

A NASSCO certification ensures that professionals provide standardized coding and reporting during the process for a more efficient and streamlined result.

What does NASSCO Stand For?

NASSCO is the top organization that educates, trains, and certifies professionals for underground infrastructure. Their certificates are the most respected for quality work and assurance.

The NASSCO Coding Process

The coding process involves about four steps.

1. Analyses of CCTV Footage

We inspect the footage made by quality NASSCO standards. The coder can see the entirety of the pipes and identify issues or maintenance needs.

2. Defect Coding Process

The coder documents the defects identified in the footage. After, they report it through the NASSCO standardized process.

3. Re-evaluate the Defect Coding

Once the coder completes the report, the inspection company will run one last code validation to ensure the inspection conforms to NASSCO standards.

4. Delivery of Report

Once the report is developed and approved, the inspection company delivers it to you. You can use these analyses and action plans to address issues and maintenance identified.

Why Standardized Coding is Important

Standardized coding provides a streamlined process and form of communication that increases efficiency within the industry.

With NASSCO coding practices, you can ensure that professionals will provide the expectations and coding that is understandable and clear throughout the industry.

This ensures you get more accurate reporting, efficient maintenance, and accuracy during repairs.

Does Your Inspector Have the Following NASSCO Certifications?

A- Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP)

Professionals earn this certificate through training and testing for pipeline inspections.

B- Lateral Assessment Certification Program (LACP)

The LACP ensures inspectors accurately analyze lateral connections while using standardized coding procedures.

C- Manhole Assessment Certification Program (MACP)

The MACP ensures inspectors can accurately analyze manholes and report any infrastructure issues.

To learn more about certifications and other essential accreditations, click here.

360 Pipeline’s All-in-one Service

While we inspect and provide NASSCO standard reports for your underground infrastructure, we also offer services to help maintain your pipes.

Our hydro-jetting service removes blockage and cleans foreign materials out of the pipeline.

If you are searching for a professional that can provide standardized coding practices throughout inspection and maintain your pipes, Click Here to contact us.

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