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How to Identify Infiltration and Inflow (I&I)

Nobody wants to pay more, especially if it’s avoidable infrastructure costs. But, without properly maintaining your pipelines, there’s no escaping it.


Infiltration and Inflow (I&I), when not appropriately treated, can stress your waste collection systems, increase expenses, and cause preventable emergencies.


I&I is the flow of groundwater and stormwater into a city’s collection system.


This water should be drained into the ground or directed to storm drains, but when it enters the sewer system, it can cause problems, such as sewage overflows, backups, and impaired functions.


This can lead to significant unplanned expenses for a city or community. But with the proper maintenance, we can prevent many of these issues.

What is Infiltration?

Infiltration is groundwater that invades sewer pipes. It can be through compromised pipe joints, cracks, or bad connections.

What is Inflow?

Inflow is stormwater that enters the sewer system by a direct connection. It can be a roof drain spout, yard drain, defective manhole cover, or with some indirect connections.

Detecting Infiltration and Inflow in Wastewater Systems


You should have an inspector confirm any infiltration and inflow problems for accurate analyses and diagnoses. But initially, a few red flags should hint at an I&I issue.


1. Increased flow

While in intense environmental circumstances, you may see some more flow. But it is rare, and there shouldn’t be a surge of liquid rising from manholes or out of systems. This is a symptom that something is wrong.

2. Lift station pump is acting strange

If your pump is always running, it’s stressing you and working overtime. It’s a sign something is wrong with your flow, and it’s trying to catch up with additional water.  Your lift station pump should not work for extended periods through intervals.

3. Pipes are not working properly

As inspectors, we often see pipes full of blockage and debris. It’s very common to get blowouts because of neglected pipes. If your sewage system is now working the way it should, it could be a sign of blockage and long-term I&I issues.



These are not the only signs of Infiltration and Inflow problems. If you are experiencing spikes in flow or other issues during harsh weather, it’s worth contacting an inspector immediately.

Confirming Infiltration and Inflow Issues


It’s in your best interest to prevent any I&I issues since they can be extremely costly and cause health hazards. One of the best ways to avoid infiltration and Inflow is through a thorough and accurate inspection.


Through CCTV 360-degree inspections, you can get the best visual analysis and report for your sewer system.


CCTV inspections gather footage, pictures, and information for the inspector. A NASSCO-certified inspector will offer qualified and accurate analyses with recommendations on what to do next.


With their certification standards, these inspections and data are categorized and labeled for industry-standard communication and code, making it easier and more efficient for professionals to address the problem.

Do You Need an Inspection?


If you need a CCTV inspection, contact us. We are a NASSCO-certified company that provides the best inspection and reporting in California.


We work with you each step of the way for an accurate analysis and action plan for your system.

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