Certified Video Pipe Inspection Services

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Residential and Commercial Lateral Pipe Inspections

Residential and Commercial Lateral Pipe Inspections

Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection (LACP) Certified Video inspections for residential and commercial pipes and branch lines.

Pipe (PACP), Lateral (LACP), & Manhole (MACP) CCTV Video Inspections

Pipeline Video Inspections

Pipeline Assessment (PACP) CCTV inspections for Cities, Counties, Sanitary & Reclamation Districts, Environmental Firms, Contractors, Consulting Engineers and Utility Companies.

Manhole Video Inspections

Manhole Video Inspections

Manhole Assessment (MACP) CCTV inspections and reports for Level I and Level II surveys.

Damaged pipes and broken sewer systems create serious health and safety risks. Structural issues, such as foundation cracks, settlement, and sinkholes, along with potentially contaminated water, can cause significant harm to everyone using the broken system. With these risks, whether you manage a large public sewer system or the plumbing in your home or office, you need pipelines that are operational and undamaged.

As Certified NASSCO PACP/LACP/MACP operators with over 20 years experience & thousands of miles of underground pipes inspected, we offer video pipe inspections that reveal the structural and maintenance defects in your pipes. Using specialized unparalleled imaging technology with the highest quality CCTV color video image equipment and powerful color CCTV cameras, we examine your sewer systems from beginning to end. With our experience and the videos we record of your system, we provide the data you need to make informed decisions about the condition of your sewer systems.


Residential | Building LACP Certified Sewer Lateral Inspections

Sometimes your drainage problems are more serious than a simple clog. With our LACP-Certified Lateral services, we’ll conduct a video inspection of your home or commercial building’s private sewer lateral to pinpoint the damaged areas. Using our specialized cameras and equipment, we can eliminate the costly need to dig up or replace your entire system while ensuring your plumbing works as it should. Every city and district requires specific permits and sewer compliance certificates for your pipelines, so we’ll also make sure you meet these requirements and take care of any official paperwork and processes for you.

NASSCO PACP Certified CCTV Pipeline Inspections

When you have hundreds of feet of public pipe to manage and thousands of people relying on your system’s operations, damage control is vital. We conduct NASSCO PACP-Certified Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) pipeline inspection services on pipes ranging in diameter from 3 to 72 inches. Our inspections offer a variety of features designed to help utility owners evaluate assets, identify crossbores, determine corrective measures, and prioritize rehabilitation work. With the data we collect through our specialized equipment, you can begin to understand and plan your system repairs and maintenance schedules .

Rover-X-Crawler - NASSCO PACP Certified CCTV Pipeline Inspections
NASSCO MACP Certified CCTV Manhole Inspections

NASSCO MACP Certified CCTV Manhole Inspections

The structural reliability and condition of your system’s manholes are an important part of your sewer system management. With our MACP-certified services, we inspect the condition and safety of your manholes, noting any Inflow/Infiltration, damages or structural issues. Our video inspections will help you create an accurate picture of your manhole conditions and the repairs needed to improve them.

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