Why NASSCO Certification is Critical for Pipes

Why NASSCO Certification is Critical for Pipes

Why is NASSCO certification important for pipe inspections?

Imagine one day you wake up with pain in your tooth. You know you have a cavity and need it taken care of. But would you trust anyone other than a licensed Dentist? Probably not.

You want someone you can trust and who has been verified by the right people or organization.

It’s no different for your pipes and infrastructure.

Choosing someone with proper certifications or not can mean a successful job or a nightmare. That’s why NASSCO certifications are critical when you need a pipe inspection or cleaning.

When a professional is certified, you can count on quality. They have undergone a vigorous process, vetted by professionals through clear parameters. As a result, they proved their competency, and they care about their ongoing reputation as they maintain their certification.

What is NASSCO Certification?

NASSCO is a governing organization specializing in underground infrastructure. They train professionals, manage certifications, and provide resources to the industry.

When a professional has a certificate issued by NASSCO, they have the best certification in the U.S. that proves their competency; and that they follow industry standards.

  1. PACP

The Pipeline Assessment Certification Program is the seal of approval in the U.S. for CCTV pipe inspection. Not only does it validate professionals, but it provides a clear set of classifications and language to communicate data. This streamlines the process for better efficiency and accuracy.

  1. MACP

Like the PACP, the Manhole Assessment Certification Program trains and vets professionals but focuses on manhole service and inspections.

  1. LACP

The Lateral Assessment Certification Program provides the standards of coding protocol for inspectors that survey lateral connections.

The Certification Process

Professionals undergo a few days of training for standardized procedures and codes. When they are trained, they take an exam to prove their competency.

When they have their certification, it doesn’t end. They must maintain their standards and reputation as they work in the industry.

The certification ensures they are competent, accountable, and standardized throughout the process.

Benefits You Can Expect from NASSCO Certified Professionals

  1. Proof of Training

When you work with a certified NASSCO inspector, you know they’ve undergone the necessary training and approval to do the job correctly.

  1. Standardized Reporting

A NASSCO-certified professional uses standardized codes, terms, and reporting to communicate issues with your pipes. This ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the process and with different parties involved.

  1. Accountability

Since the NASSCO pipe inspector’s best interest is maintaining their certification, they care about providing the best job. They know they need to adhere to the standards set by NASSCO.

  1. Trustworthiness

NASSCO pipe inspectors care about their reputation, job, and craft as a professional. By agreeing to a set of expectations through their certification, you know you can trust them to serve you with excellence.

  1. Professionalism

NASSCO is a large organization that represents the best inspectors in the country. A certified pipe inspector understands this responsibility and provides accurate, timely, and respectful service.

Documentation to Expect from a NASSCO Certified Inspector

NASSCO-approved inspectors provide standardized documents and reporting. For example, you can expect the following categories from a PACP-certified professional:

Operation Issues

Inspectors will look for any debris or materials that disrupt the flow of your pipes.

Infrastructure Issues

Inspectors will report any defects based on the integrity of the pipe. If the pipe’s structure is damaged or unsafe according to its structural purpose, then the inspector will notify you and analyze the issue.

Construction and Installation Defects

An inspector can identify defects refers that happened during pipe installation or construction.


Inspectors are trained to find any problem that compromises the integrity of pipes. When an issue doesn’t neatly fit into the prior categories, a miscellaneous section will communicate the problem.

How to Find NASSCO Certified Professionals

You can click here and use the NASSCO Professional Directory to find a certified professional.

Or, you can learn about us, a certified NASSCO CCTV pipe inspection company.

How to Pick the Right Partner

Verify that the CCTV pipe inspector has the proper NASSCO certifications.

When you meet with them, ensure they understand your needs and put you first. They should provide a quote and a clear picture of the inspection process.

NASSCO Certifications are the best way to verify that you have a qualified and professional pipe inspector. They can provide accurate analyses of your infrastructure so that you can address defects and prevent costly damages in the future.

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