Everything You Need to Know About Services That Specialize in Pipeline Defect Reports

Everything You Need to Know About Services That Specialize in Pipeline Defect Reports

There’s no need for you to be an expert on pipe defects. There are incredibly useful reports available online! We share an in-depth inspection report guide on everything you need to know. Learn how to inspect your pipes and prevent them from any defects.

How To See Defects Up Close

Closed circuit television inspection isn’t only for security purposes. You can also use them for your pipelines! CCTV video pipe defects at their precise location. This reveals the severity of any defects with your pipe system.

With the help of the right technician, you’ll find out about any structural damage. That damage includes fractures, broken or collapsed pipes and offset joints.

A high-quality sewer camera and certified technician can determine the operational and maintenance issues you may have. That includes fats, oils, and grease buildup as well as any infiltration or inflow to your pipes.

Smaller cameras are especially useful when paired with the right location equipment. That’ll pinpoint areas that may need repair. They are able to enter a pipe through the smaller openings. Then they can navigate past bends that most mainline cameras cannot.

Investing In Residential Lateral Services

Sometimes your drainage problems are more serious than a simple clog. Checking on your lateral services are also important to perform assessments on.

You can have a thorough inspection to see if your laterals need cleaning. That includes both from the mainline and from the cleanout.

One of the best ways to map out your entire system is through GPS data collection. These two methods will make a difference in assessing the quality of your entire sewer or storm collection system.

Lateral and Mainline cameras provide visuals for both pipelines. With the use of these high-quality cameras the operator can look into both the main sewer and its laterals.

Eliminate the costly expense of digging up or replacing your entire system. You should ensure your plumbing works.

MACP Certified CCTV Manhole Inspections

Have you also considered the reliability of your system’s manholes? These are one of the most important parts of your sewer system management. Many problems come from deteriorated manholes.

You’ll want the best. MACP-certified services thoroughly inspect the condition and safety of your manholes. As these defects worsen, groundwater can leak into the sewer. These eventually form cavities outside of the manhole.

It’s important to know about any inflow/infiltration, damages or structural issues. You can avoid any problems from becoming any worse. Doing video inspections gives you an accurate picture of the manhole conditions. This will also show you any repairs you may need to improve them.

Knowing When It’s Time To Ask For Help

Having a professional inspection is the best way to go. Especially if you’re having trouble with blockages, deterioration, collapses or compliance needs.

With a pipe inspection robot and a comprehensive analysis, you can protect your pipes. It’ll also ensure the safety of your plumbing system. Our services help with regulatory compliance for homeowners, cities, municipalities, and businesses.

For more information or to make an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us today!

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