Quality CCTV pipeline Inspection Operator

Meeting footage goals is pointless if the quality of the video and data collected are unusable. Every effort should be taken to ensure that the information collected is accurate, thorough and of the highest quality. If the engineer or department tasked with evaluating the data is unable to make conclusive decisions based on the data collected, the CCTV inspection program will fail.

In order to ensure the highest quality, there are some very important steps that a CCTV operator must take. The assumption that all data was entered correctly should never be taken for granted. It is important that quality control be part of the CCTV operator’s routine. After each pipe segment inspected, all of the data must be checked to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. The video recording should be replayed to ensure that it recorded properly from start to finish, that the lighting and focus are clear focused and acceptable per each clients specifications. Doing this immediately after an inspection ensures that the current information is fresh in the CCTV operator’s mind, and that the worst case scenario will be that the inspection run will need to be repeated. Re-inspecting will be much less expensive than having to mobilize back to that same location later.

A secondary quality control check should be conducted by the NASSCO Certified manager to ensure that the end product is acceptable. By reviewing the video inspections first hand, the manager will be able to guide the operators more effectively by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

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